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the_chasms's Journal

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. C . H . A . S . M . S .

The Consortium of Happy Authoresses 'Shipping Miroku / Sango


. Who We Are .

CHASMS is a group of (currently) all-female fanfiction writers who mainly focus on the Miroku/Sango relationship in the Inuyasha fandom. At the moment, CHASMS includes:

___acquiesce (Aprill May)
aamalie (Aamalie)
solichan (Soli-chan)
corisudono (Corisu Li)
hellsbookeeper (Personification of Fluff)
lucindathemaid (Lucinda the Maid)
queenizzay (Queenizzay)
windesprite (Windesprite).

We are all friends unified by our enjoyment of reading and writing M/S fanfic. (Trust me, we can get kinda rabid fangirl about it sometimes.) We are all moderators of this community, and the only ones with posting privileges. However, commenting is open to everybody.


. Why Bother .

Why bother joining a silly little community centered around a bunch of silly authors who bother with a '*yawn* so boring canon!ship?' Well, to be honest, this community is just our little site of much vanity. If you (for whatever reason) read any of our works on ff.net, then you might be interested in what's here. We will post updates on any Mir/San stories we have going on (and probably a few non-Mir/San occasionally), talk about the fandom, and occasionally post teasers for our stories. Those teasers and other stories, however, will always be friends-locked, because while we do like to share, we like knowing who we're sharing with.


. A Wee Bit of History .

It started out as an idea between aamalie, corisudono, and queenizzay, and became a website to host their fanfic and other misc. works on Freewebs that never was quite finished. (In other words, there were a lot of broken links.) First solichan, then ___acquiesce, followed by windesprite, were soon befriended by the orignal three CHASMS authoresses and joined into the fun (not the mention the insane AIM chats ^_^).

Then, sadly, CHASMS fell to the wayside for a Long Time.

However, solichan was recently hit with a BIG IDEA. All of the CHASMS girls had migrated to LJ and were in the habit of visiting there in a very frequent sort of way. Sooo~~~... Why not create a community there in case anyone was crazy enough to want to read our silly M/S fics and stalk keep track of us and our writing progress could do so? You know... without having to lurk on our personal journals.

About the same time, two new candidates were introduced to the members, and they were embraced with many laughs, much luffs, and SEX. (May sucks.) These were the lovely lucindathemaid and hellsbookeeper.

And that was that.


. How do You Become a Member of CHASMS? .

Hm. We're going to assume you mean the little group of CHASMS, rather than the_chasms. ^_^;

Well, the utterly most important thing is that you must write and otherwise really enjoy the Inuyasha pairing Miroku/Sango. After all, it is for love of that relationship that the idea for this was inspired in the first place.

Secondly... you pretty much have to have a friend who is already in the group to have a chance at being invited into the loop. "Wow," you say, "That's kinda clique-ish." Um, yeah, it kinda is. But, you have to understand, CHASMS was created by a group a friends who intended it for friends. If it is your life's dream, or something, to be part of our group (we might be inclined to worry if it is), feel free to contact us over IM, or talk with us over this LJ. We love meeting new people, making friends, and being completely insane. As long as you're not crazy-annoying, you'll probably find us pretty easy to talk to and get to know. =)

Thirdly, you kinda have to write fanfiction. Miroku/Sango fanfiction, essentially. But not exclusively! You'd just kinda have to be an author(ess) of some sort of work of Miroku/Sango fanfiction. Usually, the more you've written, the better.


. Rules .

- Be polite and respectful to everyone in this community at all times. We don't want any wank, kthx.

- Don't harass us to post teasers/spoilers/chapters for our stories. Some of us are more inclined to post stuff here than others. Some of us are more prolific than others. Asking about a certain story is one thing, bugging us about it is another.

- Don't come here just to troll, flame us, our stories or the Mir/San pairing. That's not the point of this community.

- If you read any teasers/stories here, feel free to leave us your opinion. We love feedback, especially the constructive kind!

- R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Find out what it means to me~! Oops, covered that already, didn't I?

- If you IM us, don't spam us with your 452 different SNs, be annoying and so on, lest you want to be labelled "CRAZY ANNOYING STALKER!!!1!" and mocked without end.

- Above rule goes for LJ too. Sockpuppets = Hate.

- Don't plagiarize our stuff. We. Don't. Like. That.

- Worship Miroku/Sango like your life depends on it. Because, around us, it really does. ^_^

- Have fun!


Thanks for stopping by. We hope to see you around!