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Let's Help Cori Write!

All right. Here we are, well into 2007, and Corisu hasn't been on the scene. Heck, she doesn't even have a tag in this community yet! So, in order to kick start her and get her into motion, she is making this weirdly third-person post.

I'm accepting one-shot requests! But not just any one-shot requests, oh, no. I want you to dig down deep and find that stuff that you would never dare ask anyone to write, but that you'd gladly write for yourself. (No, this does not mean porn.) Have you ever watched a show and had a sudden mind-movie about something that would never happen in the series, but made you want it to happen all the same?

Well, kick start me in motion with some of your guilty, goofy fantasies!

I'll be accepting requests starting today until midnight, April 13. (Friday the 13th, spooky~) Each person can make up to two requests, in the format below:

Email Addy:
What I want:
Maximum rating tolerable? (G-NC-17):
What Cori can take liberties with:
AU or Non-AU preferred?:
Anything else?:

I will write for IY, Harry Potter, Ouran High School Host Club, Saiyuki, and Fruits Basket.

If things go as they should, all requests will be filled by May 5. So, who's for helping me get back on the scene? Goodness knows I need to write more. *slinks onto corner and hides from the Margo*
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